Everdo sync behind a proxy


I want to sync my work computer to the Encrypted Everdo Sync Service. It times out with a username/password error. The credientials are correct I can log into Login - Everdo Sync Service just fine with them on my work PC, and on my Windows 10 home PC it also works. However, the sync setup fails on my work PC when my machine is behind a proxy. Is there any way Everdo supports this to connect through a proxy service?

Ok, never mind I found the change and the config to use. Very awesome that it is there. Unfortunately it does not work, but I think this is a limitation of the environment I am in. Thank you for implementing this though.

Are you able to open sync.everdo.net and sign in to the website with/without a proxy?

Yes that works. But from the app with or without proxy I cannot connect to the sync service. This might be a policy that my department has set for user added applications. I also have to place them in a specific directory to run, so I would not be surprised if it is heavily restricted.