Everdo Update 0.11.0 - Search

Today we are releasing a new update featuring full-text search functionality, as well as some minor fixes and improvements. Here's a brief summary:

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I am discovering Everdo and I am amazed by the great design and the quality of it, in particular the apps working seamlessly on Linux and Android.
Searching is a great feature, thanks ! I think it would be cool to have the following two improvements:

  • highlighting of found expressions in the items
  • regular expression search (or at least some wildcards like *, e.g. per*n would return persimmon or person)
    Is there a way I can open a ticket or a request for that feature ?


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I’m glad you like it!

Thank you for your suggestions. They will be added to the list of potential features, and then prioritized based on value added and effort to implement, relative to other improvements.

There’s no public system for tickets. In general I would suggest searching the forum for relevant keywords, and then either create a new topic with the “Feature” tag or create a post in an existing topic if it deals with similar functionality.

Thank you for your quick reply, and for adding those enhancement requests. In my example, I was talking about the “*” wildcard but it did not render correctly.

Got it. In any case, I think regex might be a more valuable approach.

+1 for the “highlighting of found expressions in the items” feature.

I just used the search feature right now and only plain notes are displayed at the moment. Some of my notes are fairly long, and when I search for an expression, I am looking for a specific part in my notes.