Everything Due Today in one place

I ran into trouble today when I went to “Focus” expecting to see everything that is due today and could not find some tasks that I KNOW ARE DUE TODAY.

Upon searching I found the tasks in “Scheduled” . Shocked that even though they are due today they did not show up in Focus , I thought to abandon using Focus altogether and just use "Next " to find everything that is due today.

To my utter horror and grimmace, projects that are due today did not show up there.

And I realized the painful reality.

In order to find out everything I have due today, I am forced to track THREE DIFFERENT LISTS at a time.

If a project is due then on the day it is due, that project I EXPECT TO BE A NEXT ACTION; whether or not it is scheduled or not.

If I can’t see everything in one place, things are going to get mismanaged.

I’m not gonna try and remember to star the projects I need in Focus. If it is due today THAT MEANS I NEED TO KNOW.

To top it off , Everdo currently does not have reminders/ notifications .

And I am guessing that this is one reason why. In order to have notifications you will need to have a list for everything that becomes due today and that list will need to push tasks one by one to the notifications.

We need to be able to see everything due today in one place somewhere. Starred items should be something else and they SHOULD BE CALLED PINNED ITEMS. Items that I pin should not be automatically pinned.

You are mixing Pinned items and Due items and Tasks in “Focus” and it is really messy.

Extremely Frustrating.

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In focus section you can find tasks which meet one of these three criteria: tasks were manually starred, tasks have a due date which is late or today and tasks that were scheduled for today(with or without due date).

Focus section serve to show tasks that you should working on in the first place. Not only due tasks.

Such working focus section is completely enough for me.

BTW you can filter focus list to see only due tasks.

I like how you explained it but that is not how it works.

Not all tasks due today show up. That is what I’m trying to say.

That is how it should work but it doesn’t. I had to look in other places to find tasks that were actually due today.

It has never happened to me. I assume it must be a bug if you experience this.

That is possible.

I should make a video to duplicate the issue.

Maybe you used due dates filter which doesn’t show today?

I think it may have been a bug because I cannot reproduce it. But the second it happens again I will post video documentation.

So it looks like everything is showing up in Focus as I expect it to.

Not sure what happened there. Please let me know if it does again.

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