Evolution everdo, response time and economic model!

I find that the support is very slow and few new features (suggestions in the roadmap) or mine remain in response!
I really like everdo on my ubuntu/appImage
I understand that without a subscription, development has to rely mainly on new purchases.

Maybe a business model to review, to allow us to have nice new features and good support.
As I like to propose and not criticize. I suggest that

  • subscription or paid ticket to have an answer within 48h
  • call for funding on the most requested validated features

An indicative roadmap would be appreciated

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Thanks for you post. I will consider your suggestions and reply a bit later.

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And then? This seems to be stoped…

I have a task for this. There are more urgent support issues right now unfortunately.

Other ideas:

  • For new buyers → subscription
  • 1 purchase (less good) for modules (new features if not funded by crowdfunding,
    Other ideas to support Andrei ?
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