Export Data (Markdown)

I enjoy the “Copy view as text”, but I could see this being available as a export format (not importable).

Do you mean export the whole database as markdown? This is possible of course, but I need to understand the use case better. I mean we can’t just dump every item including it’s metadata to markdown (unlike JSON or CSV). Well we could, but why?

Do you mean export the whole database as markdown?

No, I would imagine it would be more valuable to have certain “views” exported as markdown. I imagine the simplest would be each of the “actions” tabs correspond to an output file.

Well we could, but why?

My primary motivation is that I really like to track stuff under git and I think markdown is much more readable.

I think this idea would be cool, but it might be a pretty small niche of people who would be interested.

I see, this makes sense. It might be even better to provide extensibility in this area, so that the user could write custom functions to format the view in any way, including markdown.

An additional argument in favor of exporting the view in markdown is the possibility of integrating a quick layout for integration in an email or a blog. The txt format is readable but not very nice :wink:

That’s an old thread… I don’t quite remember why the export was not developed in markdown to begin with. I will look into it, it might be easy to change.

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:+1: The other advantage I see in the ability to export to markdown is that in reading the forum, many users seem to use note applications that allow markdown editing (Notion, Notable, Joplin, etc). Then I think it’s good to keep the choice for the user (txt or md).