Feature: keyboard shortcut to move task to top of list

Use case:

  1. User goes through a project with many tasks and identifies items that are candidates for the project Next action.
  2. User moves these to the top
  3. User then examines the top few tasks to determine the best Next action

Currently this can be done by selecting a task and scrolling it up with ctrl up arrow or ctrl k. But this can be a bit slow/laggy on some systems, and you lose your place. Ideally you want to go through the list and send tasks to the top while you continue through the list. Currently you must find the task. Go to the top. Scroll back down and find your previous location and continue.

shortcuts to create new projects or notebooks and opening settingsare used so infrequently and are easily accomplished with the UI that ctrl+p and ctrl+b and ctrl + + could be repurposed.

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