Feature Request: Project Planner and Nests

Hello team Everdo, I am currently going through your app after purchasing the extension for the sync capability. I’m a research student that wants to use Everdo to plan a sequential schedule for my projects. Fortunately, the Project and Context are extremely helpful in organizing my projects into different areas and categories. However, it seems like only one type of action can be created for each project. As you may know projects can be divided into various smaller tasks that each have their own sub-tasks for better and specific reminders for a particular day.

For instance, this is what my ideal planner would look like:

Project: __Project 1__

- Action: _Read Books/Resources_
		Notes: List of books to read 
				1. Book (1)
				2. Book (2)
				3. Book (3)

	-Sub-Task: _Book (1)_   Due 7/11/19
		-Sub-Sub Task: Chapter (1) Due 6/20 at 11 PM
		-Sub-Sub Task: Chapter (2) Due 6/21 at 11 PM
		-Sub-Sub Task: Chapter (3) Due 6/22 at 11 PM 

and etc.

The FAQ states that Nested tasks will not be a part of the app for ‘good reasons.’ If this feature is not planned to be integrated for later developments, I would love to know why that is.

Another feature request:
-Integration with Standard Notes to access a standard notes file linked to the project/action that provides a more lengthy context.
-Ability to bold, underline, italics in Notes
-Bullet/Numbered points for Notes

Would love to know your perspectives on this regarding its viability and alternatives. It is possible these features are possible and I have not looked far enough.

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i too think sub-task is very much helpful, which was my main concern when switching from MLO to Everdo.
til now, i still miss that feature a lot.

I should have elaborated on that.

  1. Everdo does not aim to be a project planner/outliner. There are way, way better tools for that. It all comes to the the trade off between the ability to see the big picture and the simplicity of finding the suitable next action to focus on. Everdo focuses on the latter, which means large-scale plans are better made in a more suitable tool and moved to Everdo gradually as parts of the plan become actionable.
  2. Another thing is that making nested projects seamlessly work in a GTD manner is something I cannot envision so far UX-wise.

What kind of integration do you envision beyond http-linking the note (already possible)?

Simple formatting is likely to be added - see Formatting in the Description/notes, Markdown Support - #2 by Andrei for a bit more info

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I also worried about this but have found that adding a checklist inside of a task inside of a project was enough.

If I really need more than that then I can just make a new project. And if it’s bigger than a project it’s probably because it needs to be it’s own area.

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