Feature request: Selective ES Sync


When using ESS, we sync all the data between the cloud and the client.
While it’s handy in most of the cases, consider the following:

You want to use Everdo for work on company owned device, but you do not to ever copy your personal stuff there to let your personal data come into some eternal backup storage and be analyzed by people who should not see it in the first place.

One way is to just use stand-alone copy of everdo there.
Another way would be a knob in the ESS options setting which areas should be synced.

Please consider adding that sort of filtering to the general sync and ESS methods.

Thank you for the great product.


It’s an interesting idea.

A naive solution would be to filter all incoming changes on the client side and simply never store the “private” items. Except the Inbox I guess.

However you need to somehow select that tags that you want to sync before the first sync happens. Making this a part of sync setup certainly complicates things.

I’m not sure exactly at which point the privacy violation (backup?) that you refer to happens, but possibly volume/directory encryption could help avoid your data being backed up.

Thank you Andrei,

Unfortunately it’s against the policy in my case (and probably some other cases too) to encrypt personal data on the company laptop simply b/c there should be no such data.
I don’t mind inbox sync - I don’t put anything crazy here, and I don’t care if someone occasionaly seeing my grocery lists.

I suggest adding a selection to the sync similar to the one we already have on top of the application where you select areas - All + checkboxes to select/deselect specific areas. Make it “All” by default, and nothing breaks for the people who do not want to change stuff.

I assume filtering on the client would be sufficient - installing everdo with sync on the public computer is a whole another story and clearly should not be considered a good practice.