Filter to Exclude Tags

Right now you have the ability to filter based on certain tags which is awesome, but there are times where it would be great to exclude tags too.

For example today I’m going to be working on stuff in my Work area, but I specifically don’t want to work on any workforce management tasks. I’ve already done enough work on that stuff and I want to work on some other things. Unfortunately I have a lot of next actions tagged with workforce management so it’s hard to see what all is available for me to work on.

In this situation I can filter on every single other tag except for workforce management, but I have a lot of tags so that would be cumbersome and take a while. Maybe if you could make it so that holding down on the tag would exclude the tag from the current view instead of filtering on it?

I think this is already how it works in the Android app.

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Woah, I don’t know how I missed that. If you right click on the desktop app then it does it too. I’m going to crawl back in my hole now.

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