Filtering by context doesn't include all results

When we filter by context from the left side panel and choose grouping option by the project then all items from the Waiting for list are missing.

When we do the same from the tags panel then it works ok.

BTW when we use a context filter then Next section is named:
Next (All Projects)
Next: project name
Next: Standalone Actions
and when we use a filter from the tags section it is named:
Project name
Standalone Actions

This should be consistent.

Next thing is that filtering by context doesn’t show items from scheduled or inactive projects.

There is one more thing when it comes to contexts.
If there is a context which doesn’t have any active items assigned it is still visible on the list. Just because some archived items had that context. When we choose this context we get zero results. It shouldn’t work like that. Archived items shouldn’t have any effect on any options available within active list & items.

The same concern deleted items with assigned particular context when the trash is not emptied.

Confirmed. This is a bug.

This is because the “@context” lists only show Next actions, so this is why they have “Next:” to make it explicit.

This is by design. Filtering by a tag shows everything that is tagged. On the other hand, a Context list shows next/active items for that context.

Very rational. I like it!

I assume that items from waiting for list will be included?

What about this issue?

This is by design to prevent the contexts from disappearing from navigation when completed actions are archived. What is the problem with this behavior?

There is indeed a Waiting section when the context view is grouped by default. In groping by project only Next actions are visible.

I don’t call this a problem :slight_smile:

I just think that it is better and more intuitive to have available context only for active items. It is a little confusing when you click on a @computer because it is on the list and… there is nothing.
Maybe the context should stay on the list if we have at least one item marked as finished but it’s not archived yet. If the only item that uses this context is already archived than definitely this context shouldn’t be on the list. Otherwise, the archived item should appear as a filter result.

Yes, I understand. The question is whether you are going to include them in the project view or not:)
I think they should be there. There is no point to exclude some items just by switching the grouping option.

Basically, if we don’t include Waiting for items then we achieve results exactly the same as we get using the Next list and filter from top panel.
I believe it is not how it should be.

Of course. A ticket has been created to address this, but I forgot to reply here.

There is one more thing.
When we have a task within an active project but assigned to Someday list then that task is included in filter result.
According to the core idea of context section, I think such items shouldn’t be included. The same when we have a standalone task on Someday list. It is included. It looks like only the project level is considered during filtering.

I think the idea of showing only items from Next and Waiting list is brilliant. Excluding everything from Schedule and Someday lists.
It definitely should work like that.

But it seems to me that this can be achieved by simply keeping the Someday section collapsed.

The project level is considered because a Someday action inside a Someday project is completely irrelevant until the project becomes active. So it is not shown.

On the other hand, Someday actions of active projects are visible. I think having a list of someday actions may be helpful in the context view, for example if you run out of Next actions in the context.

It sounds rational but I’m confused how ultimately it should work. Mostly because switching between default and project views gives different results. Not only when it comes to Waiting list but also Schedule and Someday lists.

I’ll try to summarize my understanding.

A context view should display the actions which are relevant for that context. This includes sequential and parallel next actions, standalone next actions, as well as Waiting (not currently shown), Scheduled and Someday sections. The Scheduled and Someday sections work in the same way they usually work - by showing only the actions from the currently active projects. The Scheduled and someday sections are not essential in the context view, but can still be useful or hidden if needed.

A tag view works differently. It works essentially like a search by tag - it will show every single item tagged with the chosen tag regardless of the item’s actual status (as long as its not Trash or Archived).

So make the long story short, Context filter differs from Tag filter because it doesn’t include inactive projects. Is that correct?

I would prefer to not include any items with Someday status. Independently on the parent project status.
Only my opinion and suggestion.