Finding tasks without contexts

I’d like to suggest following feature:

You already can show all projects (by clicking on “Projects”) and do the same with notebooks. This gives you a good overview over your respective items. Now, contexts are used as a filter to determine which action would be the best to choose from your possibilities. So far, so easy.

However, I often use my inbox to collect thought and I often sketch the captured projects within the description using checkboxes which I convert to actions afterwards (great feature, by the way!)
But I often encounter the problem after creating multiple projects this way, that I fail give all new converted actions a context. This leaves me sometimes with actions without context, making them kind of dissappear.

Showing all tasks grouped by their contexts could help with that.
Any other option to find out these tasks would be appreciated as well.

If I am the only one, it’s probably not worth the effort, but maybe others suffer the same consequences of not being absolutely thorough in their projects.

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Hm I think you can achieve this:
Go to the next section and open the tag filter
Then press long on each ctag, until all contexts are filtered out.
Right click on each context tag to exclude those actions from your view.


Yes, this works.