[Fix in next update] Item creation dialog does not save if the tags drop-down closed by Esc


Press ‘p’ to open a window
Press ‘tab’ to go to the tags field
Choose tags and press ‘esc’ to close dropdown list
Press ‘enter’

the window is closed without saving your project

Another thing is when we use TAB to switch focus to item type we can use arrows to move between Next and Someday only.

Thanks for the report, it will be fixed.

In Everdo 1.3.6 it works when we use ‘N’ to add an item. When we use ‘I’ to add an item to the inbox then the problem still persists.

Yes, this bug is recorded and will be fixed in the next update. It was reported a bit late to be fixed in 1.3.6.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize if a particular bug was overlooked or is consciously postponed for later. Some bugs that I have reported months ago still exist. The most annoying one is when we scroll tags drop down list by keyboard the list doesn’t scroll properly and we can’t see what is current checked.
Maybe we should have a status for reported bugs?

I understand. All bugs get recorded and prioritized according to their severity and required effort. Also if a bug is reported just before the release, then it will definitely not be fixed right away. Unfortunately, I see no realistic way of providing an up-to-date status for every bug report, some of which are made in single posts, email messages, etc. However, all your bug reports are really appreciated and taken into account.