[Fixed] Action does not show up on list, when project is marked as done

during my weekly review I noted that an action was missing on my Android.

The action is inside a completed project. On Android I can find it via global search, but it does not show up in the list under next.

On desktop the action shows up in the correct list.


If you do a clean pull, does it show up?

No that doesn’t help either.
But I think thats logical because the action is available on the device in the project itself. It just does not show up.

Probably a logical bug.
Somewhat like this:

IF action belongs to completed project
do not show in lists
show in lists

Yes, seems like a logic issue.

I was able to reproduce the following issue, let me know if it’s the same as what you mean

  1. Create a project P with one action a
  2. Complete the project without completing the corresponding action
  3. Open Next on Android
  4. Observe that a does not appear anywhere in Next (unlike the desktop app)

Yap, exactly like that.

This should now be fixed (version 1.7-10)

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Yep - confirmed! Thanks.