[Fixed] Android app v1.0-2 keeps crashing


For about the last week I’ve noticed the android app will work fine for about a minute and then freeze, have to kill it as waiting doesn’t work. No obvious behaviour that leads up to it, simply navigating through fields and maybe editing. Restarting the app will make it work…for about a minute. I’ve reinstalled it and still the same issue. I’m on the beta testing list (if that’s still running) and use the Encrypted Service to sync.

Running Android 10 on a Pixel 3A.

Please let me know if you need any more info.


When you did the reinstall, did the app start crashing after syncing the data, or was it also crashing without data?

Strangely, the crash is not reported in Google Play.

Does the crash happen if you simply open the app and let it sit for a minute without doing anything?

Do you use something like a VPN proxy or even SSL interception to secure your device?
This could affect the sync service.
@Andrei how would everdo respond to an unexpected SSL certificate like it is the case with a man in the middle atac? Crash or report something helpful to the user ?

On Android the certificate verification is done at OS level and then handled by the communications library. For the application it looks like a communication error.

When it comes to the original crash, I doubt that sync causes it directly, but it might bring some data that crashes the action scheduler (repeating actions) which runs a few times a minute - that would match the reporting timing.

While I did start the sync straight after install it must have taken longer than the usual time to crash to do this. So yes, I would assume that it was after the sync. I can verify this though if that would be helpful?

The app does crash after a minute or so of being open without any activity.


Thanks Manu, I’m not using a VPN proxy or a SSL interception to secure my device.

Do you have the app on another device which works correctly?

If yes, then please review the repeating items (the repeating rules). It looks like one of the repeating items has been edited or saved incorrectly because of a bug in the mobile app, which now leads to crashing every time the scheduler loop runs.

Unfortunately, the crash is not being reported via Google Play, so it’s difficult for me to debug.
I would try moving the repeating items to Inbox one by one until the crashes stop.

Thanks Andrei, I shifted some tasks into inbox and then back into scheduled and it seems to have stopped the crashing.