[Fixed] ArchLinux Error after install


after the install of everdo on my system i get this error:

resolving dependencies...
error: local database is inconsistent: name mismatch on package everdo-1.1.4
error: local database is inconsistent: version mismatch on package everdo-1.1.4
looking for conflicting packages...

do you know how to fix it?


I will look in to it. Did you try running the app after installation? Looks like it did install, but with errors.

OK, there’s a problem with package name/version of the arch package.

Will be fixed with the next build, so the error will go away after updating. Meanwhile my understanding is that the app should run despite pacman complaining.

App is running fine… but pacman get’s this error on every update now.

You’re right. Next build we’ll change the versioning to play nice with pacman.

My suggestion as user of the Distribution Arch would be a publication in AUR.

This would be ideal of course. Unfortunately no one has experience with publishing to AUR so it might be a while until we get to that.

I personally have read the wiki on the topic hoping it would be a quick thing, but it seemed quite complicated. Maybe there’s nothing difficult to it, but the wiki is targeted at developers with much better understanding of Arch and it’s packaging system

I was told that AUR is also no more than a PKGBUILD. I think the pacman package is also created by PKGBUILD?

The thing is, our build system automatically creates a .pacman file, which I don’t honestly know what that is under cover, but pacman can use it.

I have no clue how to get from this point to having an actual published AUR package. From the docs, It doesn’t seem to be a case of “just upload it”.

And there’s no time to dig into all that.

If someone from the community could point me in the right direction, that would be much quicker :slight_smile:

I think the community needs more information about this buildsystem.

Of course, it’s Electron Builder :slight_smile:

FYI, running sudo pacman -Syy will remove this issue, or at least it did for me.

Thanks for the tip.

This package with fixed version numbers installs cleanly. It’s the latest version for now. Sorry for taking long to rebuild