[Fixed] Contexts disappear from navigation when action archived

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a task
  • Assign tag/context
  • Complete task
  • Move to archive

Expected result

Task is completed, archived, but the context I created is still existing.

Actual result

The context list is empty:



Windows 10, Everdo 0.14.1

Additional comments

It could be this is the intended behavior but I don’t see how. It’s unlikely I want my contexts to disappear or that in actuality they would disappear.

What’s more, even though the context panel doesn’t show these anymore, the project view does show the context which can no longer be selected in the panel:


Got it.

Contexts have inherited this behavior from tags. For tags we want to hide unused ones to make the navigation clean.
But for contexts I think your expectation is correct. Will add it as a bug.

This is because an archived sub-tasks with those tags/contexts are still visible in the project view.

Fixed in Everdo 0.15.0 - Assign Items to Project- Everdo

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