[Fixed] Different Tags on opend view of a Task than in overview

Hi Andrei,
First of all thank you so much for creating this wonderful app :slight_smile:
I think i found a bug… but i am not sure…
I Created a now task and added some Tags.
After saving the task, it has other tags in the overview.
when i open it again… the tags are correct.

Is this a bug? or have i done something wrong?
I Tried to delete the task an add it again… same problem.

Sorry for my bad english… it is not my native language :frowning:

Best regards

PS: How can i add screeshots here?

i synced with the mobile app and the task+tags where synced correct! seems to be a problem with my desktop version of everdo.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for reporting! This is a strange bug. I think a screenshot might really help here. In particular:

  1. the edit mode where you add tags
  2. the overview mode where you expect to see different tags

To add a screenshot, there’s an Upload button in the editor when you create a post.

Hi Andrei,
thank you for your reply.
here are the two screenshots with different tags:

as you can see, there are different tags in the same task, when the task is in overview and when it is opened for editing.
Is this realy a bug? Or is it a “usererror”?

i think i found a workaround… i deleted all tags of the Project “unser Haus” because it seems that it inherits the tags to this tasks in it. Not to every task, but to some. Then i deleted the task and re-added it. than everything was ok.

Strange behavior. Is this realy a bug? Or is it a “usererror”?:smiley:

The correct behavior is this:

  1. A sub-task (action) inherits all the tags from the parent project.
  2. The inherited tags are visible in the list of items (first picture)
  3. The inherited tags are not shown in the editor (second picture), unless the same tags have been assigned manually.

(3) may happen in different scenarios, and most likely is not a bug. As an example of (3), consider this:

  1. Create a new project (without tags), create a sub-item “X”
  2. Assign tag “A” and “B” to the sub-item
  3. Now also assign tags “A” to the project

This way, “X” will have “A” and “B” manually assigned. If you now edit X, you’ll see both tags in the editor.

  1. Create a new item “Y” under the same project. It will inherit “A” from the project.

If you now open “Y”, it will not show any tags in the editor, because “A” was not manually assigned.

Please let me know if this explanation is not good enough or if it doesn’t match your case.

Thank you for your perfect explanation, this seens to match my case and makes everything clear for me. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I will close this topic then