[Fixed] Drag and drop between list sections - strange item behavior (Desktop App)

I noticed some strange task behavior when I tried to drag an item from next to someday in a project.
Everytime (In the picture below three times) I try to drag the item (in this case task 3) to someday a seemingly copy of the task is created… I do not press Crtl.

Maybe it’s not a function at all, but I find it very intuitive. When you click for example on another project and go back to this project, everything is back to normal (except that task 3 is staying in next).

I’m using the windows version!

It’s a bug that you were able to drag and drop between lists. This behavior is not supported and should have been disabled.

What you see on the screen is the same action gets duplicated to the lists multiple times, but there’s no actual copying going on, and the changes are not persisted.

So moving actions this way doesn’t actually work or do anything permanent.

This feature would be very handy. I vote for it!

There were some technicalities that prevented direct drag and drop between list sections from working. The problem now is that it seems like it should work to the user because of drop animation.
Maybe it can be made to work in some cases, like between Next and Someday. I will definitely check while fixing the existing problem.

The action list inside a project does not update correctly when I move a next action to someday maybe section or vice versa by drag and drop. I have to close the project and open it again.

Couldn’t reproduce that. Could you please describe what you are doing in steps?

The changes do not persist and are undone when project is reopened.

I think this is the same issue I experienced.

See [Fixed] Drag and drop between list sections - strange item behavior (Desktop App)

Definitely the same issue. I’ll just merge this topic then.

It’s no longer possible to drag items between sections, so I’ll close this.