[Fixed] Drag to rearrange is making a copy

On the Linux client, dragging an item to rearrange its order in a view has the following behavior:

  • in Next, it correctly rearranges items and makes a copy of the dragged one just below its new position.
  • Waiting is like Next
  • in Scheduled, it does not move the dragged item but makes a copy at the desired position, except on the very bottom. In that case, the copy is placed just above the bottom of the list.
  • Someday is like Next
  • Focus is like Next

Some details about my system: Ubuntu 16.04, Everdo installed with the package everdo_1.0.6-3_amd64.deb.

Yep this is a know issue waiting to be fixed.
For now when it occurs, try to press Ctrl once or restart the app.

Ok, this is ultra weird:

I start the app. Drag and drop does not copy anymore items and I can rearrange stuffs, except in Scheduled (even for items on the same date).

NOW, I go to another virtual desktop (empty, without any windows), I go back to the desktop where everdo is, and I have the drag-drop-copy behavior described above.

I also tried to change the focus from everdo to other windows (like a terminal, firefox, whatever) on the same virtual desktop, then refocus on everdo but it does not reproduce the bug. Thus, only moving from other virtual desktops seem to trigger this bug.

yes, the scheduled list is sorted by date and any manual ordering is ignored.

Thanks for this report. It should help identify the root cause. For me and a few other users this bug has been occurring randomly with no clear steps to reproduce.

Does your switching the desktops involve the Ctrl key? That would explain it. If that’s the reason, then it will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thanks for identifying a way to consistenly reproduce it!

Gotcha! I use Ctr+Alt+arrows to switch from one virtual desktop to another.

Fixed in Everdo 1.0.7