[Fixed] Mobile browser sharing URL to Everdo

I have noticed that if I do not have the Everdo app open when I try to share from my browser (Firefox/Android) Everdo will open but not add the new task.

If I change back to the browser and try again it will add normally, or if the app is already active in the background it will add normally.

I did not see this issue already documented on the forum.

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No, this is new. Thanks for reporting.

Apparently this happens when the default list is not set to Inbox.

In the same vein, I have been using the Mobile add a lot lately and think the URL should be added to the body of the new task.

Currently it is added as the main task title but you are not able to click on the URL directly. I would think adding it to the description and adding “Added from Browser” or something similar to the title space would be a decent improvement to the speed of opening links.

Thank you again for all of the work on Everdo!

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This has been bugging me as well, to be honest. It would be nice when sharing a URL from the browser to make the title of the page to be the title of the inbox item. And put the full link into the description.

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Sharing a browser URL to Everdo will now use the page title as the item title (if available) and put the clickable link in the details.

Edit: the original bug has been fixed as well.

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Looks perfect! Great work.

I may be missing something, is there a way on Android to move tasks into a specific notebook from my inbox?

After a page is added to everdo I would like to add it to a “reading” notebook.

Edit: I found how to move it, by selecting a new parent while editing the task. It is a little unintuitive but I think it’s reasonable. Thank you again for the update!

Yes, that’s the way for both projects and notebooks. It’s called Parent because it can really be either. For example you could move a note from a notebook to a project, converting it into an action. An alternative could be to label it “Project or Notebook” maybe

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