[Fixed] "Next" section broken

Debian 9.5
Everdo 1.1.8 free

Dragged a task into “Next” and now the “Next” section is broken. Hitting the “n” key doesn’t do anything. Switching to “Next” section gives this error in the console (or log):
[17:57:27.215] [error] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘num_parallel_actions’ of null
at file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:30:66852
at Array.reduce ()
at o.sequentialNextActions (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:30:66805)
at iA.get (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:21350)
at iA.evaluate (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:22500)
at o.sequentialNextActions (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:25692)
at o.groups (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:30:56170)
at iA.get (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:21350)
at iA.evaluate (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:22500)
at o.groups (file:///opt/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:7:25692)

Looking into this. Thanks for reporting.

This might be related to a rare sync bug reported earlier. If so, then a quick fix is to do a push or pull depending on which device doesn’t work.

I any case, an update with a proper fix is coming

I’m not using any sync functionality, but I don’t rule out bugs crawling into spaces they aren’t meant to be :slight_smile:

Oh I see. This bug is caused by data inconsistency - some action refers to a project that does not exist. Not sure how this could have happened. But this sqlite script should fix the data for now

update item set parent_id = null 
where id in (select i.id from item i where ((select count(*) from item p where p.id = i.parent_id) = 0) 
and i.type = 'a' 
and i.parent_id is not null);

The database file is at .config/everdo/db

Sorry for the troubles…

Update on this: Installed 1.1.9 and the issue has been fixed. Did not have to run any sqlite commands.

Thanks, this must be the fastest bug report → resolution I’ve ever personally experienced :slight_smile:

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The same error happend to me (Windows 10 machine). All my items are lost and i cant create new ones. Running the sql command did not change anything (version 1.1.9) and reinstallation also did not help (just running installer again).

[2018-09-19 08:38:49.377] [error] TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null at /AppData/Local/Programs/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:40:100141 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at /AppData/Local/Programs/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:40:100117 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at t.default (/AppData/Local/Programs/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:40:100092) at AppData/Local/Programs/Everdo/resources/app.asar/bundle.js:172:45413 at Array.map (<anonymous>)

Note: i removed file:\\\ prefxi.

I really like the app, but loosing data would kill it for me.

Sorry for the trouble. Nothing is lost, don’t worry. There seems to be a bug building the list, the data is there.

Does this only happen when opening Next, or in other lists as well?

Could you please try running this script and see it fixes the problem?

delete from tagitem where tag_id in (select tag_id from tagitem where not exists(select * from tag t where t.id = tag_id));

Another one.

update item set contact_id = null where contact_id in (select contact_id from item i where not exists(select * from tag t where t.id = i.contact_id));

Pretty sure one of those will fix it. Once confirmed we can publish a code fix promptly.

@mgrani, All right probably no need to bother with SQL anymore. Grab a new build which should fix this: https://d11l8siwmn8w36.cloudfront.net/1.1.10/Everdo_Setup_1.1.10.exe

If it’s not too much trouble, maybe you remember if you were doing anything with tags/contacts/waiting for tasks before the bug occurred?

thanks for that very fast support. Great! :grinning:

The second query fixed it. I’ve installed the new version, but only after fixing the database

Yep, that’s what I though more likely. Thank you for confirming!