[Fixed] Project picker doesn't inherit selected Project

Steps to reproduce

  • Click into a Project
  • Press n to create a new task

Expected result

  • The editor’s project picker shows the selected Project

Actual result

  • The editor’s project picker defaults to Standalone


Windows 10, Everdo 0.15.0 (Pro)

Additional comments

The task is still correctly created in the selected project. It’s purely a “visual bug”

Thank you! Should be a quick fix.

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Another improvement would be if the list is sorted alphabetically, the advantage of which would be that the type-ahead feature of the dropdown would work 100% of the time.

Following up on alphabetical order: projects appear in alphabetical order except newly added ones. Those appear at the bottom of the list until the next time the app is started

I was going to say they are already alphabetical, but this makes sense.
Anyway, it’s fixed now. Will come out next release.

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