[Fixed] Selected item hidden

Hey Andrei,

When navigating through a list (i.e. the inbox) with arrow keys and pressing down even though the last item before the “done area” is currently selected, the selection moves down to the hidden done items and you cannot see the current selected item.

Also, when using the arrows to go down, the view does not scroll all the way to the bottom when the selection gets to the bottom and the done section is hidden.

The expected behaviour would be (to me) that either the “Done” label gets selected and I can expand it by pressing enter or the done area automatically expands.

I added two gifs to show what I mean.

I am using the newest Everdo version on Ubuntu 19.10.


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Hi, thank for taking the time to report this issue. Luckily it has already been fixed in the upcoming update. The approach is to expand the corresponding section.