[Fixed] Sync on repeated scheduled actions items failed

Having the desktop EVERDO version running in Server mode and two android devices to sync against this server the following happens:

Having a repeated scheduled action for today it will trigger an action for today on each client.
Starting up the first android client will trigger an action on the client side, then this actions gets added during the next sync also on the server.
Now I start the second android client which will also trigger an action based on the repeated schedules event.
This action will also be created on the server during the next sync.
After re syncing both clients I have two actions per today’s valid repeated scheduled action.

What about generating the repeated scheduled action clone ID as a hash value out of the action content and its current trigger date.
That way you could ensure same action ID on multiple devices and apply existing sync functionality?

This is similar to how it’s designed. There seems to be a bug.

  1. Is this happening for all repeating actions, or just a specific one? What are the repeat rules?
  2. Are you using version 1.1.4 + on the dekstop?
  1. it happens for all repeating actions. The repeat rule is daily and every day. It only happens on one of the android clients!
  2. I am using V1.1.7 on an Ubuntu Desktop machine.

BUT, I don’t want to waste your time. I was using a third party open source server to experiment a bit before and synced all my devices against this. Maybe that is why things got nasty here. I am looking for a headless server running on devices which do run 24/7 anyway. Like an NAS for example.

I’m certain this is the cause. Unless the native Everdo code handles the merging of synced items, things can get duplicated.

To fix it, you might want to sync the same state to all devices by doing a full push/pull. Then make sure the scheduled items (the ones in the Scheduled list) didn’t get duplicated as well. Next day check how sync goes. If on mobile, check if updated.

After fixing the orphan sync items I could not reproduce the error anymore.
So maybe you want to close this issue.

Great, thanks for letting me know!