[Fixed] Time/Energy filter in Next applies incorrectly to sequential projects


Not quite sure if this is some a bug or an intended feature, so figured I’d ask since it was something that struck me a bit odd when I noticed it.

Been starting to make more use of the app itself by adding the time and energy estimates for each task I have set up, and noticed that when I was trying to filter out my “Next” category with a specific time estimate or energy, it would show tasks from a sequential project that wasn’t at the top.

As an example, on a project I have set up, my first card is estimated for 1h with medium energy, with the second card set at 30 min and medium energy and the third at 15 min and low energy

If I then go to the “Next” category and set time filter to “45m or less”, it will show the second entry.
Filtering with either “15m or less” or “Low energy”, it will show the third entry.

This feels like an unintended behavior for my part, since the second task is dependent on the first task, as well as the third dependent on both before it. So by having it showing any of those entries at this point doesn’t really help.

I’ve tested it out with a parallel project and it seems to work as intended there, with being able to see both the first and second task when filtering for “Middle energy”, as well as showing both the second and third task when filtering for “45m or less”

Would be good to hear if this seem like a bug to anyone else as well, or if this is something that I’m only reacting to

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This does seem like a bug. Only the parallel projects should have this behavior.