[Fixed] Time inline command not setting the time

The inline command :t that would allow for setting a time estimate for a task is no longer working for me on Windows.

For example, creating a task with the title: ‘Test :e m :t 30m :d +3’ sets the energy and due dates properly, but time command gets ignored.

I believe this broke with version 1.3.5, although may have been even before.

I presume you should use :t 30 instead of :t 30m
The postfix m is not needed.

I have just figured out that using inline command it is possible to set the time to the custom value like 17min. I assume it is a bug.

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Mmm I don’t remember if I tried without the ‘m’ because I’m used to do it with. I’ll give it a go next time I’m at my computer.

In any case I think it’s meant to work with it as well - Inline Commands | Everdo Help

Confirmed, will be fixed in the next update. Thank you!

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Thank you Andrei!

@Mateusz not using the m works, thanks!

This bug occurs when the time value ends with 0, for example :t 10 will not work, but :t 15 works. As a workaround, until the fix is available you could specify values that don’t end with 0.

Ahhh! :smiley: For my second test I used 15!

Thanks for clarifying @Andrei. That’s very easy to work around now that I know it.