Flexibility with Database(s)


im new to Everdo and just evaluating if its suitable to my needs. So my question is are there any options to switch between multiple databases or at least save the database to a new path/partition?

I dont talk about a backup of the used database, more of another place to save an load from, without having the one in the Home-Directory. Im on Ubuntu Mate 20.04.6 LTS

I deinstalled the snap and tried the deb-version. Then edited the “databaseFilename”-line to my path on another partition but Everdo refused to start. Maybe you think about Open/Save-Dialogs in future versions?

Much thanks

I dont think i will give a cent for everdo. For everyone who likes to be taken serious, i found a useful alternative, try www.focalboard.com.

Good luck to the everdo-team and their business-strategy of ignoring potential customers.

bye bye :wink:


Take a look at the documentation, especially the command lien flags when looking for flexible non default setups.