Focus item in scheduled project listed

Steps to reproduce

  • Create project
  • Create task in project
  • Star/Focus task
  • Schedule project

Expected result

  • Focused item doesn’t show in Focus list until the Scheduled date of the project has been reached

Actual result

  • Focused item shows in Focus list


Windows 10, Everdo 0.15.1 (Pro)

Logically this is because the project is considered inactive and all of it’s actions are ignored.
But I think the focus should work regardless.

I misread your report. It works as designed.
As I said above, what you expect makes sense logically, but the point of Focus is to always remain visible regardless of the item/project status.

I am also bothered by the way schedule + focus works. I can’t focus on my focus tasks if it is clutter with things that don’t have immediate value :wink:
I think scheduled items in the future should never show up in any view by default because they can not be acted on before a specific date. This is somewhat linked to this comment about OmniFocus, a scheduled task should not be considered an available task.
The way I use focus + schedule is for task that I know already that the moment they are workable they should be my focus.

I’m confused - why do you focus things that are not available? They will get focused automatically when the time comes.

This is basically how it works. Where do you see non-actionable items?

OK that I did not know, the doc don’t cover the schedule part so I did not expect it to auto-focus when the date arrived!
Then all is good, sorry for the noise :pray: :sweat_smile: