Focus List does not get updated on Android

Hi There,
On my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G) the focus list does not get updated with tasks that are “due” or “scheduled”. Only tasks that are manually marked as “focus” (star icon) are shown in the focus list. It can happen that tasks with a due date after some arbitrary time are moved to the focus list, but I don’t found out what the trigger is. Now I have a task that is “due” today (created some days ago), but it is not shown in the focus list. And a new task that I had created and set to due today is also not showing in the focus list. This behavior is not present on the desktop version. There it will work as expected and mark tasks that are “due” or “scheduled” automatically and immediately as a “focused” task.

Sounds arbitrary to me. Never had that issue. Working with Android since the beginning.

Are this due actions embedded in projects or something?

Could it be that you applied the filter “Due date not set” to the Focus list?