Focus not removed when task is changed

Tasks show up under Focus because they are scheduled and the date has arrived or they have a due date. I expect that when I open such a task and change the due date, say postpone it for one week, that after saving the changes the task disappears where it came from. But it reminds in the Focus section with a star. I have to remove the start manually. Is there something I don’t see and know?

You are right, this is how due dates currently work. You have to explicitly un-focus the action after deferring its due date.

For me deferring its due date is to explicitly un-focus the action. I consider this as unnecessary. A due date doesn’t get deferred by chance, doesn’t it?

I just saw that when moving a starred task to Someday/Maybe the start is removed. I do have tasks which were created in good will and hope to find the time and energy but turn out when they pop up at ta specific date that I won’t be able to do them and have to go back to Someday/Maybe. There the removal of the start is automatic.