Follow up on emails?


For various reasons I currently have a lot of emails to manage (follow up, reply, forward, etc). But not everything has to be done as soon as I receive it, so it has to become a task.
Do you have any tips on how to work with everdo? Any extensions, scripts, email programs that would allow “send to everdo”, etc?
I’m interested in this and I’m sure others will be.
Have a nice day.

I don’t think you should put emails on your todo list unless:

  • The reply in question will take a considerable amount of time (15-30 minutes)
  • The email doesn’t have to be sent until a specific date

If you work in a field with a ton of email, you should block off time on your calendar to work through your emails. Start by triaging any urgent matters, then start working through them one by one.

Yes, I often have emails that need to be detailed (which takes some time) and sent to certain people on a certain date.
I think I am far from being the only one in this case.

I mentioned this already a few times. If I need to get emails to everdo I do this with the android share function.
I usually collect emails with my email app on android to everdo and then later process inside everdo on windows. There I can push the collected emas to the waiting for, schedule or create proejcts from the emails.

Yes thank you I had read that you were doing this. For me it’s not possible because I can only use my pro mail with Outlook which doesn’t offer a share function. Besides I read my messages more often on linux/windows than on android :thinking:
Of course I can share a piece of highlighted text but that’s about it.

In this case I would setup a few folders as lists inside Outlook like @Action, @Waiting-for or @Draftlong.
Naming of the folders could be classic context, energy or time.
I know it’s like a secondary GTD system but it’s efficient.

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