Formatting in the Description/notes, Markdown Support

I don’t know/did not find how to format the description of tasks on everdo, and I think it is a great feature that improves readability and usage.

For example, if an user would like to create an indent, something like “:ind” would do the job, Maybe :b for bold and :i for italic. This would follow the same pattern of the newly introduced inline commands. Maybe also changing “-” for a checklist to :- (?)

I know Everdo is NOT a note-taking app, but having a little formatting laying around for whenever needed always comes in handy.

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I see what you mean. There have been suggestions to support a small subset of Markdown syntax. I think it’s a good idea to have this option, particularly for lists, code blocks and bold/italic text. But it’s a nice-to-have priority at this moment compared to some other things in the backlog.

By the way, this forum supports markdown as well, so anyone can try it out in the editor window when typing a reply (there’s a side-by-side preview).


+1 wait for this feature


As a user, I would like to be able to use simple formatting controls (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, url links, quote text, ordered lists, unordered lits, etc) in the description field of tasks and notes so that my text is easier to read and understand.


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Hello Andrei,

Another paying user that will be delighted with this feature.


Another feature that I would vote on with cash.

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I am a new user of Everdo! I love every aspect of this app thats why recently purchased the pro licence with ESS. But when I wanted to migrate my notes to Everdo, I was surprised that the app does not provide any formatting capabilities!
As Andrei mentioned I see Markdown support is a must to have.
so it is a big +1 from me for this feature.

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I’m a happy user of GTD - thank you for an awesome product.

I was wondering if we could support Markdown-style links in tasks: writing [link text](URL) in the task editor would render as a clickable “link text” in the task view. This helps me with managing context for my work - I often include links in my tasks, and this would make my tasks much more readable.



As a new paying user (since yesterday) another vote up for this.
Bold, Italic, Lists like in this forum editor is what we need :slight_smile:
Thanks, Martijn

As a soon to be paying customer, I would second the need for at least markdown style links also. The new shortened links in 1.5.3are a good step but what it chooses to shorten links to is not necessarily a good subset of the link. E.g. some of my links shorten to a UUID.

It basically just returns the last non-empty url segment. Not always the greatest result, but it’s free. Sometimes I have a bunch of links that end in integers, for example bug tickets. In such cases I append a &description at the end when necessary. This has nothing to do with markdown of course, just a tip.

Only the markdown support and i can use everdo for all my tasks without another program.
In my workflow, notes and tasks are really tight together to track the context of tasks.

I’m really struggling with a task manager that lets me save the context (link to files, like PDFs or images) with a simple format like markdown.