Free From Todoist

As of today I am officially free from theTodoist nightmare.
I moved hundreds of tasks and projects to Everdo quickly and easily with the import feature.

And pushed the Todoist CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION BUTTON with such force a hole went through my keyboard and now I need a new laptop. (the stuff about the hole in my laptop was sarcasm of course.)


Welcome! Just let me know if you run into any troubles.

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You’re doing a great job Andrei.

Hope everything goes well with the iPhone app.
It’s amazing how much you’re doing.

Why it was a nightmare?
I know that pure GTD model which is implemented in Everdo is better but the nightmare is a strong opinion.

  1. SYNC ISSUES - the mobile app and desktop app would at random times stop syncing various tasks and the error would be stored in that red triangle (the mobile app has a different icon) . Opening the error notification, there is a button to force sync, which does nothing. This happened to me on both desktop and Android multiple times. Each time I sent an email to support and they told me to delete the tasks that weren’t syncing costing me hours and even days of work. I immediately loved the options in Everdo to force pull or push. I payed $5/month for Todoist and they needed to be more speedy with support. I waited weeks with no response. The error notifications should have a button to force push the sync since the user knows the risks answer having reviewed the errors.

  2. IOS PRIORITY - I continually got the sense that iOS was being given priority. The Android bugs were not dealt with for months and there is no Linux version. The community Linux version they link to is just hacked together version of their buggy web client. I believe that this is somehow related to my sync issues as well. Everdo supports Linux out the door and the Android version was developed first.

  3. SUBSCRIPTION MODEL SLAVERY- I hate the subscription model. But no other app had the functions that we NEED in Mobile device GTD. My favorite app “Swipes App” company stopped the service. Before that the app I used stopped the service and my hand was forced to use Todoist. None of the devs out there get it. TIMED REMINDERS and filtering by MULTIPLE TAGS are the only way to replace paper GTD . Otherwise just use paper. And I don’t want to when I have an $800 computer in my pocket. Everdo allows me to sync outside of their servers if I choose or pay for their service. It’s not slavery. If I stop paying, I don’t lose functionality or tasks. It’s a one payment model. The Todoist payment model just makes me feel angry every day and the sync issues just set me off even more.

  4. IN APP RESTRICTIONS - after spending lots of time and energy creating a project , I pushed the “done” button and got an error “Max projects number reached” I had to abandon the thing I’d made and completely destroy my workflow by splitting my projects folder into two . My whole workflow was built around having one projects folder. I spent weeks coming up with that system. A little too late to tell me my system is wrong.

  5. EXTREMELY BUGGY - Everything you do is Todoist there is a lag . I would check tasks done and they would disappear and reappear again. I would drag items into other items and they would bounce back and then disappear inside the item. I always had to double check if things went where I put them. That’s fine if I’m not spending $5/month on the service. If I’m throwing down money for this I’m not gonna tolerate that bugginess , specially when it only seems to be plaguing Android users. Why do I have to do everything one at a time?!?! Let me select multiple tasks and drag them to a destination. How much time does it waste having to do it all one at a time?!?! I have an octacore 8gb ram computer in my pocket! We can do EVERYTHING on mobile! I hate the DESKTOP CENTERED mindset.

  6. CANNOT MANAGE FINISHED TASKS - Todoist is horrible with finished tasks. They litter the screen. You can delete them or archive them but are not allowed to move them “that function will NEVER BE IMPLEMENTED” the developer told me. You cannot reposition finished tasks but you can drag tasks that are not finished , around them, which repositions them. So the developers are just clouded in the mind. Also, viewing your history is complicated. Everdo let’s you see all your done tasks neatly at the bottom. You can resurrect them or move them or archive them. It’s a beautiful design.


If they had a decent payment model and fixed the sync issues, I would be singing Todoist praises. The various times that things were working, I got timely reminders and felt a great flow. But that was rare through all the issues.