Full screen on Mac?


I’m working on Mac and I like to use the Full Screen mode to be able to easily switch between different programs. But Everdo doesn’t go fullscreen when I use the hotkey I normally use (ctrl + cmd + F). I can’t find any option in the menu for it either, nor does Googling help me any.

Is this a feature that I am just missing somehow? Thanks!


Do you mean the shortcut to go full-screen doesn’t work? If so, then I will file this as a bug to be fixed soon.

If you click the full-screen button on the window, does that achieve what you want?


Huh. Yeah, the full-screen button does work! Awesome :smile:

For other programs on my Mac clicking that button just makes it fill the dashboard though, instead of going really fullscreen. So that’s why I hadn’t thought of clicking that!
The hotkey “control + command + F” isn’t working though, but as long as there is a way around that, I don’t mind! :grin:


Yeah, got it. I will make sure the hotkey works as well.