General feedback and feature requests

Hi, Andrei (and/or Everdo team),

first of all, let me start by saying - thank you! That’s the best task managing tool I’ve used, and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years. Everdo is the only one that actually stayed installed after a couple of months of usage, and the usage only increases - which is always a good sign.

There is no need for me personally (yet) to upgrade to the Pro version, but I would easily buy it just to support the project. The only thing that stops me (and the only thing I’m worried about, that might push me away to use some other app in the future) - is lack of the cloud/sync options. Yes, yes, I know, there is a manual way and a good guide, but it is not feasible for me, due to some technical restrictions, but maybe I’ll get around that at some point. For example, there is no way to host the server 24/7, if it’s up at home, there is no way to access it from outside, using VPN doesn’t help, etc etc.

Simply put, I use Everdo mostly at work but would like to start using it more at home and on my phone. And once there will be an easy way to sync it - it’s the “shut up and take my money” moment for me :smile: And probably for a lot of other users too, so it’s worth looking at it from the business point of view. Anyway, just wanted to share that concern, I hope there are some ideas for modern sync support in the future.

Other than that I have a couple of suggestions/feature requests, maybe you’ll find them useful for others too and consider adding them to the app:

  1. New tasks on top. Currently, once I create new tasks, they are added to the bottom of the list. Sometimes it’s fine, but most of the times I need to move them manually to the top, using it as sort of a stack instead of a queue. And there is no hotkey to quickly move the task to the top (or at least I haven’t find it yet).

So there are many ways to support that - an option checkbox during the task creation to automatically move it on top, preferences for the specific list, to use it as a stack or a queue, or for the whole app as default, to name the few examples.

  1. Access to the content. I use some notebooks as… well… notebooks :smile: The tasks are basically notes, containing links, passwords, useful commands, etc. They are visible in expanded mode, but in order to copy something from the note, I can’t highlight the text and copy/paste. I have to open the note to the edit mode and then I have the access.

Anyways, that’s just some ideas I got by using the Everdo every day.

Thanks again, and best regards,

Hi! Really appreciate the feedback!

This is going to change very soon. A optional encrypted sync functionality is entering open beta in just a few days. The release will be announced here, on the blog and in the newsletter.

You are right. That would be useful, but there’s no way to do it at this moment. I’ll add this to feature requests if it’s not there yet.

Text selection in items is disabled because it conflicts with drag-and-drop functionality. But there’s still an option to quickly copy the contents of a note:

Copy a note

It’s not very obvious, I admit :slight_smile:

Hi, Andrei,

thanks, great news (for the most part)! :smile:

Text selection though - I have indeed noticed the copy button, but it copies the whole text. If there are several passwords or commands in one note, you can’t copy just one of them - that is the issue here.

What if the drag-and-drop would work for the header/title part of the note, but not for the contents? That might work…

Anyway, thanks for your response, looking forward to more cool stuff we can do with Everdo!


+1 for “New tasks on top” (You read in my mind).

Andrei, maybe you can add a (hidden) timestamp for each task and then it would be easy to sort by “Date added” :wink:

I will look into this.

They already have a timestamp, but most lists are also sorted manually, which complicates things. It’s possible to implement for sure, just needs some effort.

It does seem to work well.

Thanks for the app. Great Windows alternative for Things.

What about a sort by contexts option?
Do you plan to translate the interface into German?