Ghost Data on ESS

I hope this also serves as a temporary solution for others who might be having the same issue. Here’s what happened:

I have used Everdo on several devices over the past couple of months:

  • iPhone (iOS 17.3.1)
  • iPad (iOS 17.3.1)
  • Mac (14.2.1)
  • PC (Win10)

Most frequently, I use it on my iPhone and on my PC. My devices are synced using ESS.

I have been having some issues with tasks I can’t get rid of. Completing, archiving, deleting, etc… I can remove them from one device (any device), and push the changes to ESS, but the changes do NOT sync to other devices. Other changes sync fine.

I also noticed wonky behaviour in my archive and deleted items on iPhone and iPad. I have 64 items in my archive on iPhone/iPad, but NONE on my PC or Mac. When I try to move an archived item to the trash on my iPhone/Pad, it goes to the trash but ANOTHER item is created in the archive, of a different name. So the list of 64 items never shrinks. As well, the items that end up in the trash do not sync to my PC/Mac.

Playing around a bit, I realized these items must be syncing to ESS, and from ESS to all devices, but they were not displaying on my PC/Mac. I confirmed this when I opened a freshly pulled db file in a sqlite editor and noticed hundreds of items in the archive folder (field “list” = “r” in the “item” table) that were invisible on my PC/Mac app.

I also found some items that seemed to have screwed up scheduling parameters in the “schedule” field, and those were the items that weren’t “syncing” properly from one device to the next when edited/deleted/etc.

User solution/workaround: For others having these kinds of sync issues, I suggest you turn off Auto Sync everywhere, uninstall everdo on all devices except for your PC, and edit the db (backup first) using a sqlite browser/editor. Check for items that you know you deleted but are still in the database and delete them (check for the “r” or “d” flag in the “list” field). Write your changes, reopen everdo with the modified db file, and create a new encryption key before force pushing the changes to ESS. Then slowly add one device at a time, checking to see that everything is syncing properly.

I have my old database file that seemed to be causing these issues, so if anyone else has the same problem please reach out Andrei and I will be happy to share it.

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