Global Shortcut Issues


I have a bug to share and something to propose in regards to the global shortcut Control+E.

The Bug: When the app’s window is closed (running in the background) and I press Control+E the I get a Java Script Error.

The Suggestion: when running the same global shortcut, the Everdo window shouldn’t get in front after pressing enter. The philosophy is to add something in the inbox without having to go to the app.
In addition it would be a great idea if we can also add a description on that.

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. I have created tickets to investigate both issues. Hopefully they can be addressed in the next update.

Thank you Andrei for the prompt reply and for the tickets opened.

Could not reproduce the first issue. When the application is minimized, the shortcut does nothing. When the application is closed, the application is not running, so the shortcut does not work as well. Are you running version 1.7.8? If not please download the latest version at