"Go Back" button after search

Let’s say I’m viewing a particular list (Next, Scheduled, a particular project, etc.), and then I do a global search.

After the search, I want to go back to whatever list I was viewing. Right now, I would have to that manually. I think a “Go Back” button (and keyboard shortcut) would be helpful that would clear the search and automatically go back to where I was.

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Pressing Escape while searching would cancel the search and return you back. Have you tried that?

i think asheq is not talking about breaking the search and going back.
maybe he is talking about finishing the search and going back.
after we get what we searched, we wish to go back to whatever we were looking at.that would be convenient with go back button.

Yes, thanks for reminding me about hitting escape while typing, but as @umount said, I’m more looking for a back button after completing a search.

An example use case:

Step 0: Go to some project view, e.g. “My Project”
Step 1: Type a search
Step 2: Do some stuff in the search results (e.g., star an action item, copy some text, change some tags, whatever)
Step 3: Go back to the project view for “My Project”

That last step (step 3), I can do manually by going through my projects list, but it would be convenient if there was a back button or keyboard shortcut to go back without having to do that.

Just a single level of history would be useful.