Grey circles / stuck touch feedback

Hey everybody,

I just installed the Android app (version 1.0-2) on Android 7.1.2. I set up local network sync to sync my windows desktop computer (version 1.3.5) to the app.
Now the Android app shows me this highlight (grey circle) around the tags of the first item on every list I open (Inbox / Next /…).
If I scroll down the list and back up, it’s gone. However if I open another list and then come back, it’s there again. Is that a bug or a feature? I personally find it quite distracting :smile:

Best, Arne

I experienced this issue as well but just ignored it. Although, lately I didn’t see that on my android device.

This actually looks like touch feedback, not something the app itself draws. A really weird bug.

If someone notices a specific way to trigger this, it will help tremendously.