Grocery List in a Project/Notebook/Other?

How are you keeping track of grocery items to buy in Everdo?

I looking at making a project of the items as I like how the items fall off the list once purchased. The downside is I don’t need to see all the items elsewhere like the next queue.

Notebooks looked like the option but by default, the items are not radio boxes. I tried a note with a list (neat option to use a dash to create checkboxes) but the items don’t fall off after they have been checked.

I am currently using Microsoft ToDo for these items as I move off that platform and continue to consolidate in everdo.

Any suggestions?

I have an area called “Errands” and different contexts for shopping destinations, e.g. “@HomeDepot” and “@Grocery”. I’m usually good about always using an area to refine what I’m looking at so there’s virtually no spill-over. Using contexts helps optimize the list based on which store I’m at, at the moment.


That is an interesting idea. If i can figure out how to do an all areas but errands area it may work. Do you know if you can define multiple but not all areas at once?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking to do, but you can tag an item with multiple areas if you want, so the same item will display in those multiple areas. I don’t think you can selectively view multiple areas though, unless you just view all areas at once.

The way I think about this is, this isn’t a comprehensive project management tool, it’s a to-do list. If I’m working on a home improvement project, I’m naturally tempted to draw up my buy-sheet with my list of actions, and bucket them all together into a “project” heading. It took me a while to realize this, but some recent GTD training I took helped me realize that–even though it is accurate to do it that way–it’s not necessary. I only need the tool to tell me what’s next–at the right time. I just need to remember that when I’m at the home-center I need to pull up this shopping list, and that at some point in the past I already decided I needed to buy paint or spackle. If I think I’ll forget why I needed paint, I’ll leave a note in the item saying “for xyz project”, or tag it with a “xyz project” label to help pull the items together.

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As I use ths application more I have learned about selecting an negatively selecting tags. Although this doesn’t work on a global scale when selecting all areas you can unselect an area when you are in a list like Next. Pretty cool feature and noted below for future reference:

Also thanks @eighbt for your suggestion. I will try it out!