Group edit tags UI suboptimal compared to individual tag edit

When editing the tags of an individual item, the dropdown box shows the top 4 items and the Apply/Cancel buttons appear under the dropdown and to the right. It is easy to select the Apply/Cancel buttons as they are close to where your cursor is and they are visible.

When editing the tags of a multiselect, the popup dropdown box also shows the top 4 items, but they obscure the Apply/Cancel buttons. It takes an extra step to finish the task as multi tabs or a 2nd mouse click is needed to clear the dropdown. The Apply/Cancel buttons are on the right which is far from where your cursor is.

As well, having the same task have the same UI goes the the usability and polish of the product.

Suggest: make the multiselect UI the same as the single select UI by increasing the popup height so Apply/Cancel aren’t obscure by the dropdown and moving the Apply/Cancel buttons to the left.

Environment: Linux Mint 20.3 across multiple machines, Everdo 1.7.7