Grouping Actions by Projects

In my opinion, actions must be grouped according to the project name (if exists). At the moment there is only a link that refers to the project folder but there is no visual grouping. Actions Views could have groups of activities per projects. This would improve the visualization and focus on tasks.

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Ideally you could switch: group by Project, Context, Time, Energy

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I like this proposal, but perhaps through a configurable option in settings and not by default.

Just a toggle. Not an option in settings but a way to switch between the different views

This is good.
Probably should be a toggle. Might want to switch between different types of presentation quickly.

I think grouping by project is by far the most important type.

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An example of grouping projects on Nirvana App.

Pros (in my opinion):

  • Improved focus
  • Less confusing interface in Next section
  • Feeling of overwhelm reduced
  • Forgetting reduced
  • Stress reduced
  • Sense of Control increased

Everdo can do the same

Coming soon.


In focus view too please.

It will be in all views where it makes sense :wink:

Head up - this has come out today. Probably need to add saving the setting for each list.

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Hey Andrei, project grouping should be ordered alphabetically or follow the order in the project section in my opinion. What do you think? Is it possible?

Definitely possible, just need to figure out the best way to order things. I don’t want to leave this to configuration.

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Hi Andrei,
it’s difficult to say in English for me but… I try…

When I group a view by project and I change view sections (ex. from focus to a specific project) or I close and reopen the application, the view settings losts. I think the view settings must be permanent saved in config file…

Yes, I agree that would be an improvement.

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