GTD and what more?

What other methods do you use to reinforce your GTD system? There are so many different approaches but most of them are rather popular trends and marketing for making money.
In my opinion, GTD is incomparable and the only complete productivity system. Moreover, it is really stress-free productivity.

There is only one approach that I found very useful as a GTD supplement. It is “The 12 Week Year” approach.
Here is the official site:

Do you know this? Maybe you know other approaches that you use and found them useful.

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It seems interesting, I will definitely look into that for myself. Is there a quick overview of the method online? I think it would be helpful to include that.

Personally, I use GTD, Pomodoro and not much else. I might be missing out on some insight.

I really like the approach “Eat the frog”!

Unfortunately I don’t know any online summarizations but the book is rather thin. The approach is very simple just divide your year goals into smaller quarterly achievable ones. The book presents methodical step by step approach which is really good.