GTD Companion Book LTG

I think GTD needs a companion book. It would be called Letting Things Go.

It would help people like me who tend to focus on someday maybe too much and can’t see the difference between need to get done and want to get done and will never do.

Letting Things Go is a very important part of Getting Things Done and people like me latched on to GTD for the very reason that we struggled with LTG to begin with… GTD was a savior that gave us a hope that we could keep our clutter and never need to LTG.

But as you do GTD over the years you naturally learn to acquire or begin to see the necessity of acquiring a skill that is not detailed in the book.

That skill is LTG. And most people who struggle with making GTD work are often actually struggling with making LTG work.


Letting things go is challenging. During my weekly reviews as things move from next to someday, I get more of a grasp of these let-them-go items. Then after they have been on the someday list for too long and the lists keep growing I cull the list and keep ongoing.

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