Headless / Raspberry pi version (for server sync)

I guess this is more than a mere feature request…

It would be nice to have a raspberry pi version of everdo, at least something able to manage the server part for synchronizing data. I know many (geeky) people using a raspberry pi as a server at home. It should be headless then, no need to configure it through a GUI.

What do you think about that?


I think once we develop a headless service for encrypted centralized sync, it will be possible to think about packaging it for self-deployment. I’ll keep this in mind.


+1, wait for this feature :slight_smile:


Totally +1

I suppose that an option while waiting for this is to have a VPN server in the raspberry in order to have secure “LAN” access to the computer for syncing. Both Android phones and laptops you have can be connected to the VPN when you need to sync.

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Yes, it would be very nice to have a headless version which can run on a server. I configured it with X11 forwarding through SSH, and verified that the sync with clients is functional.

However after turning off X11 forwarding, I am unable to start Everdo again.


Please consider providing a way to run Everdo on a headless server (i.e. no UI) so that we can run Everdo server instances ourselves, and use them to sync devices.

At the moment, the only way to achieve this is to have a machine with a UI (e.g. a desktop computer) running all the time, which is inconvenient.

Definitely +1 for non-UI version. It will be also great to see docker version with automatic sync.

are there any news on this?