Hide done tasks in "By project" grouping

is this possible to hide the done tasks when using the “By project” grouping (“All” tags view)?

Hi there! Do you have too many complete actions? You can try archiving: go to Archive list and click “Move completed items to Archive”.
Archived items should not show up in other lists.

Cool, that does the trick. Thanks.
Would it be possible to remember the last selected view mode? I prefer to use the “By project” view (and selecting tags). But when I switch to “Inbox”, then back to “All” tags, the view mode is back to “Default”. The same would be nice for collapsing (items collapsed before are back expanded). A keyboard shortcut would do as well (I guess it would be simpler to implement).

I think it would be best for the app to remember the grouping type based on the view type. This functionality will be added.