Hide projects which are someday

Hi everyone,

Im very new to GTD and after 2 days evaluating more than 10 apps, creating my lists ever and ever again in the different tools only to see that critical functions are missing (and a mental breakdown thus) i feel like finally ariving at the proper place. Planning to get premium too, but my bank doesnt allow 3rd party secure payments yet :frowning:

Question is:
How do I hide projects which are in the Someday/Maybe List? I dont want them to show when I click on All Areas, but its not possible to move Projects to Someday/Maybe. So they are always visible.

Do you guys always work in “Areas” which are not “All areas” so you don’t see them? Am I missing something?

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Welcome to the everdo community.
You mean when you open the projects list, right?
You can just collapse the someday projects so you don’t see them.
Looks like this when everything is collapsed: image

A few words to the beginners:
Please don’t get hung up on the tools question - the method is key - if you master the method the tool doesn’t matter that much - you could easily get by with a single text file or a stack of index cards. In fact learning the method with paper and then later moving on to something more midtec / hightec is a good way to learn and deepen the understanding of GTD.
Listen to David Allen Episode #102: What Tools Should I Use? - Getting Things Done®

Here a few tips:

  1. Make sure it’s super easy to capture your thoughts. Make sure the capture tool has a looooooow mental barrier. You should be able to capture your thoughts even when your energy level is close to zero like when you have the flue (or covid nowadays).

  2. limit you inboxes (2-3 should be sufficient)

  3. process and organize your inboxes daily to zero into a real simple list manager (like everdo)

  4. look at your lists several times a day (like 2-3 times a day )

  5. do a weekly review, weekly. Remember: any review is better than no review at all. Use this Guided GTD® Weekly Review as a guide.

  6. Have fun! Enjoy the process. Enjoy the wins.
    Here a few typical GTD moments that boost your energy and generate a sense of control and calm:

  • That moment when your inbox is zero
  • That moment when you look at your errands list in the groceries and you really see something you otherwise wouldn’t have - oh that small wins :wink: you feel like Steve Jobs saying “One more thing…”
  • That moment when you ping a person for a thing that was promised to you a few days before it’s due.
  • That moment during the weekly review, when you check of that project as done, that was so undoable a few weeks earlier.

@manu I really like what you wrote here!

Hi @manu

Thank you very much for your reply. there are indeed a lot of good points. Since my bank forces me to wait a few days until I can create a lot of projects I guess I will Switch to the single file you mentioned for that time.

Its a little bit different in my view. Under the collapsable items you showed are my Projects, wich cannot be collapsed nor moved. They only disappear when I use a different area.

I captured a screencast to show what I mean, maybe you meant something completely different.

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Hi Manu,

Oh yes, since I only have 5 Projects added right now (all active) all of them are open.

But what I actually meant is that under Projects on your left There is “Test Project 1”. For me it shows all the projects I added currently…But when I moved a Project to waiting or someday then the “collapse” arrow under your Projects showed up and these projects disappear. Exactly as I wanted it

That helps extremely, thank you.