Hide sidebar / make box full screen


would it be possible to add a button/hotkey to hide sidebar? Or make a note full screen? Sometimes I need to write a note during a meeting and I think it would be good to have a notepad as big as possible and see only current note.
In example If I need to have someone’s Zoom presentation on the same screen as Everdo and I write a note, in current boxes/frames arrangement my writing area is really small, surrounded by other notes’ names, sidebar and buttons.


Thank you for taking time to suggest improvements to the app.

I think it’s a good idea to at least allow making the sidebar more narrow than the current minimum width.
However overall the absence of the features you have suggested could be easily worked around. For example you can also resize the note text area to be as large as you like.

You also don’t have to keep the sidebar within the bounds of the screen if the space is too tight.

Am I missing something?

I’ve just figured out that I can resize the text area, thanks. And you are right, I can set Everdo’s window to be below others and cover the sidebar with other windows. I buy that solution as a workaround ;-). But consider my comment as a suggestion/feature, not a bug. You can add it to the “lowest priority” list on the app’s roadmap ;-).