How do I import my key file into Everdo on Macos

I don’t understand the help text.

Thank you for the nice product.


On your Mac, download the key file. Open Everdo and press the “hamburger” button in the top right corner. Click “Add Product Key” and select the key file.

Thank you for your answer.

The “hamburger” menu is 3 dots in a line for me (running 1.6.3 (1)). There is no “Add Product Key” entry there. I may have added the key when I installed Everdo. Is there a way to tell if that is the case?

What confuses me is the “Product Tier: Everdo Free … Upgrade” in the settings menu. Does that mean I did not install the key?


Ah it looks like you are actually referring to the iOS app. I saw MacOS in the title and thought it’s about the Mac app. For the iOS app you need to share the key file with the Everdo app. Usually you long-tap the key file in the file manager to open the sharing menu.