How do you guys handle your toread, towatch etc. lists


as I am using the quiet time around the new year to do a full review of the year and my GTD system I was wondering how you guys handle your “toread”, “towatch” etc. lists in everdo.

My current setup is a follows:

  • Stuff to read specific to a project I will add to that project, so it is not lost in a big toread list
  • Stuff that I just want to read out of interest someday will be put on an Evernote list, which I have linked in a notebook within everdo
  • Similar with movies

I have thought of setting up a separate list as a notebook for the items but found it better to move it to Evernote as I also have an archive there which I tend to keep longer - and thus I keep everdo “clean”.

Looking forwards to your thoughts!


I usually put relevant links in the project description, or create tasks for reading/research.

I keep a spreadsheet in my reference directory with a long list of books and study projects that I would like to do someday. A spreadsheet is easy to sort and filter by different attributes like subject, difficulty and similar.

For movies I don’t keep a list. When I find one worth watching, I just watch it.

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I don’t have a list for movies either, but for things I want to read I have a Notebook on Everdo. I just add a new note on that notebook for each new article/book I want to read.

I prefer to have it in the same tool, and I don’t find it makes the system less ‘clean’.

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I’m new here, but I would suggest creating a To Read task (perhaps multiple if you want e.g. a personal reading list and a work list) and just list them as a check list in the note of the the task with a line for each item to read.

Alternatively if you want a task for each item, create a Someday project and make each an item in that project.

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Thanks to all of you for the feedback, helps me structure my stuff. Now I just have to add it as a project “Restructure my ToRead List” and find a slot to do it :wink: Crazy first couple of days in 21 so far, guess it is the same for you

Stay safe!